AMKmotion GmbH + Co KG (formerly: AMK Arnold Müller GmbH & Co. KG), headquartered in Kirchheim unter Teck, has been setting impulses in the fields of electrical drive technology, control technology and industrial automation technology since 1963 in order to move its customers' industries through innovations and thus drive technological progress. 
Whether it is the first controllable three-phase motors, one of the most compact converters in the world, topics such as energy efficiency in the field of electrical drive technology or decentralised automation solutions - AMKmotion puts all its knowledge and skills into being a pioneer for its customers.

In concrete terms this means:
- Outputs from 450 W to 200 kW
- Servo motors (synchronous & asynchronous)
- Hollow shaft motors
- Feed-in/inverter and regenerative capability
- Central and decentralised converter technology
- Modern control and regulation technology
- Individual solutions and much more.

In addition to the solutions developed close to the customer, AMKmotion offers the highest quality and competent advice, so that you too can break a world record with your machine, like the Formula Student Electric team from the University of Stuttgart.

AMKmotion is a project partner to support the research of a DC network in an industrial environment with many years of experience in the field of drive and control technology.
As AMKmotion has always stood for innovation, our product portfolio is to be made suitable for use in extended DC grids and even more compatible with market competitors.
With the ihXT and iX product series, decentralised inverter technology is a particular focus. Prototypes are tested and optimised at an early stage with regard to compatibility, communication and protection technology.