Founded in 1927, Bauer Gear Motor has become a preferred global supplier of high-quality and extremely reliable geared motor solutions.

Bauer Gear Motors are flexibly configurable and are optionally manufactured with integrated asynchronous or synchronous motor technology. With the development of new mechatronic solutions such as TorqueControl4.0, Bauer geared motors can be integrated into standardised fieldbus-independent Industrie4.0 communication. Our engineers at Bauer develop technically advanced solutions that combine energy-efficient motors with optimal gearbox solutions to offer our customers the lowest possible cost of ownership.

With the DC network, there is the possibility of integrating very compact frequency converters into the gearmotor, which will lead to the widespread use of these highly efficient drives and thus also to additional energy savings. This mechatronic design of the gearmotor will lead to reduced cable costs and cable losses.

We are a globally expanding company with over 90 years of experience in the field of geared motors. Bauer Gear Motor is an Altra Industrial Motion company, a market-leading global electromechanical motion company with approximately 10,000 employees and 50 manufacturing facilities.