Danfoss GmbH is part of the globally active Danfoss Group. Within the Danfoss Group, the Danfoss Drives segment develops, manufactures and markets electrical drive products, primarily frequency converters, integrated servo drives and industrial geared motors. Danfoss has gained experience with the DC industry project's investigative gene state in the context of spatially limited DC networks within machines, especially in the beverage industry. Danfoss has had such systems on the market for several years, but they are self-contained, i.e. Danfoss provides the complete system, there is no compatibility with other consumers. Furthermore, Danfoss has had highly efficient geared motors on the market for several years, especially for bottle transport. Such systems are suitable for DC supply. Danfoss will build on this experience within the project.

In order to achieve the goal of increasing the overall efficiency and an open DC grid, a standardised DC grid must be created for the entire plant. Furthermore, based on the considerations and findings of the standardisation of the DC grid, corresponding decentralised converter technology must be developed that meets the special requirements of these DC grids. Danfoss, together with the subcontracted Danfoss Silicon Power GmbH, will develop such converter electronics and integrate them into a geared motor. The developed integrated geared motors will be tested in the model application of the company KHS.