ESR Pollmeier is a specialist in servo drives (electric drives that accelerate, brake and position quickly and accurately). ESR Pollmeier offers machine builders and end users solutions for rotary and linear movements, from drive design to service. ESR Pollmeier's servo drives cover the power range from 100 W to 15 kW.

In the DC-INDUSTRIE2 project, ESR Pollmeier will integrate the servo drives into the DC network and focus on compatibility with the system components at the servo drive interfaces. In addition to the power electronics integration, the information technology integration according to Industry 4.0 standards is one of the focal points of ESR Pollmeier's work.

The overarching work of DC-INDUSTRIE2 on software tools and plug-and-play interfaces is also supported. The basis is ESR Pollmeier's Industry 4.0 knowledge, which has been built up since 2012. 

Building on this, the compatibility of DC-INDUSTRIE2 technologies with the work of the Industrie 4.0 platform, the ZVEI "Models and Standards" mirror committee and the ZVEI "Drive 4.0" working group is to be ensured. The information model of the digital twin from the "administration shell in detail" (Asset Administration Shell, AAS) and the open source software of the Asset Administration Shell Explorer AASX is to become the essential basis. ESR Pollmeier has compiled an overview of the relevant documents in a 4-page short paper: (German Only)