Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co KG is a family-owned company with 16,500 employees worldwide and a turnover of 2.2 billion euros in 2017. As a market leader in the field of electrical connection and electronic interface technology, power supply and surge protection, Phoenix Contact is a partner for automation technology, machine, plant and control cabinet construction, electrical power supply and renewable energies in the solar and wind power industry.

In the field of DC networks, Phoenix Contact's current focus is on connectors and surge protection for photovoltaics, installation systems for power distribution in the industrial field and charging infrastructure for electromobility. In addition, there is also experience in the field of "plugging and unplugging under load at DC voltage".

Phoenix Contact participates in national and international committees and working groups on the subject of DC networks in the DKE, including UK 221.5 Zukunftsfähige Elektroinstallation, and makes innovative contributions here.

The DC INDUSTRIE 2 project incorporates experience on topics such as electrical connection technology, network calculations, integrity considerations and protective designs in electrical networks. The focus in the project is on the analysis of requirements for surge voltage protection and the development of technologies for protection against surges.