The OWL University of Applied Sciences (TH-OWL), represented by the Institute for Energy Research (iFE) with its Power Electronics, Electrical Drives and EMC department, is one of the initiators and drivers of the DC-INDUSTRIE initiative. The preparation of both project phases DC-INDUSTRIE and DC-INDUSTRIE 2 have been supported organisationally and technically by the iFE. The scientific management of DC-INDUSTRIE, which is carried out by Prof. Dr. Holger Borcherding, deserves special mention.

The iFE is particularly well established in the field of power electronics for industrial applications in production automation. Here, in particular, many years of experience
in the design of industrial grids and the repercussions of feed-in and regenerative power converters operated on the grid. Numerous projects have been carried out on these topics in recent years. Furthermore, drive converters with GaN and SiC power semiconductors in the application areas of automation and e-mobility are being researched in current research projects. The department is also specialised in EMC of electric drives, energy efficiency, electronics development, mains power converters and power distribution with experience from numerous externally funded projects.

In the current DC-INDUSTRIE2 project, the iFE is actively involved in all work packages. One of the main goals of the TH-OWL is to bring DC technology further towards application. In addition to the (further) development of missing components such as auxiliary voltage power supplies and galvanically isolated DC-DC converters of higher power, the simple network planning, commissioning and operation management by means of a toolbox for industrial DC networks is being worked out together with the partners. 
For the demonstration of the industrial DC grid, a transfer centre is being set up for the validation of operating conditions, for the demonstration of the properties of industrial DC grids and for training courses.