The TU Braunschweig is divided into 6 faculties with a total of 122 institutes. With the SE²A - Sustainable and Energy Efficient Aviation and the QuantumFrontiers, the TU Braunschweig has submitted two successful applications in the Excellence Initiative of the federal and state governments in 2018. 
The High Voltage Technology research group at elenia - Institute for High Voltage Technology and Energy Systems conducts research in various areas. Research is conducted on modern operating equipment and technologies for an efficient energy supply. These components ensure the safe and reliable operation of innovative direct and alternating current systems. 
Our fields of expertise include insulating materials and systems as well as testing and diagnostics. High-voltage technology uses various voltage forms to test insulating materials. 
The DC Systems team researches holistic approaches and methods for the design of energy systems, especially DC systems. This takes into account that different actors such as research institutions, grid operators and generation plant operators have requirements for the transformation of energy grids. For DC INDUSTRIE2, various different insulating materials are being investigated, which have been conditioned and artificially aged.