Baumüller Nürnberg GmbH is a specialist for electrical drive and automation technology and part of the Baumüller Group with its more than 40 subsidiaries worldwide. The company develops, produces and sells modern automation and drive systems in a wide performance range from 80 W to 600 kW, consisting of software and hardware components.  The product range extends from controllers, inverters and motors to switchgear construction and project engineering for industry, mechanical engineering and e-mobility.

As an automation and drive expert, Baumüller is participating in the DC INDUSTRIE research project to advance the implementation of a DC grid for industry. Specifically, Baumüller is developing a new prototype of its successful b maXX 5000 servo inverter as part of the research project, which is suitable for use as a decentralised inverter in the DC grid. The series of compact, bayable b maXX 5000 converters includes supply units, axis units and regenerative units. With optionally integrated safety technology and a wide range of supported fieldbus systems, the units in the b maXX series are the right choice for both standardised and complex automation solutions.
The aim is to develop a technically and economically marketable drive component for DC industrial networks. In doing so, the effectiveness of the protective mechanisms, the EMC behaviour and the operational stability are to be proven.

In order to successfully implement a DC grid for industry, suitable decentralised converter technology must be developed. Baumüller has made this development its task. Baumüller brings experience in the development, testing, approvals and marketing of drive technology components as well as personnel and technical resources in development, laboratory and marketing to the project.